What is MyEthDice.com

MyEthDice.com is a new Ethereum dice game where bets are placed on the Ethereum blockchain. You do not need to create an account or deposit funds to us. The betting is done directly from your own MetaMask wallet to the MyEthDice smart contract.

How do I Play the Ethereum Dice game?

The aim of the game is to predict the winning number from 1 to 100. You get to choose your own chance of winning using our odds slider. If you set your odds to 50 you will have a 50% chance of winning. If you select odds of 10 you will have a 10% chance of winning and so on. The lower the odds the higher the payout. You can win up to 99x your stake. All you have to do is choose your odds and then click roll.

Why are you different?

Our dice game plays similar to a lot of dice games, you pick your chance and then click roll. We have made our game faster than other Ethereum dice games. Some competitors games require players to wait 3 or more blocks before they get their result and winnings paid. We have reduced this to two. Other sites claim to be provably fair but they actually are not. We show you the game hash before you place a bet and also allow you to change your player seed to ensure the game is actually provably fair. You can read more below.

We also have some new features coming such as auto betting mode to allow even faster betting where players can choose their strategy such as martingale and allow the smart contract to bet 100 bets per block for them. We will also be adding session stats, chat and better mobile support soon as well as a unique invest in the bankroll feature and higher betting limits.

What is the house edge?

The house edge is 1%.

Is the game provably Fair?

The game is indeed provably fair. Provably fair means that a player can prove when a casino cheats them such as making a player lose when they bet big.

The way we achieve this is to calculate bet results (rolls from 1 to 100) by using two pieces of information. The first is our game seed, which is a random string. The second is the player seed which you provide.

The player seed is calculated randomly when you first visit the site but you can change it to anything you like by changing the text in the player seed box below the roll button.

The result of each roll is calculated by combining the game seed and the player seed, hashing it and then taing the modulo to get the roll. That sounds complicated but you can see and verify the code in our smart contract.

To make sure the game is provably fair we show you the hash of our game seed BEFORE you make your bet. This means after a bet you can compare the hash of the game seed used to calculate the result in the smart contract and compare with the hash you were shown before you placed the bet.

Once you place a bet our bot listens for BetPlaced events in the smart contract and then sends a SettleBet command with our game seed. So each bet takes two blocks but it is the only way to make it provably fair for players on the Ethereum blockchain.

I have not received a result of bet, what should I do?

In rare circumstances our bet settling bot may be offline and can't send settle bet commands to the smart contract. If this happens please email support with as much information as possible about the bet, preferably the game hash that is shown under the roll button but you can also send the Ethereum transaction id, bet amount and address betting from. We aim to reply and settle all bets within 24 hours in the worse case scenario.

What is the minimum bet?

The minimum bet is 0.01 Ethereum.

How do I contact support?

You can email [email protected] or join our Telegram or Twitter pages and message us there.

Where can I see the smart contract?

Our smart contract code can be found here

My bet keeps failing, what should I do?

If your bet fails there could be a number of reasons. The most common would be that the gas amount is too low. Try increasing the gas on your bet. You can also try refreshing your browser. If problems persist please contact support.